Well, summer's gone and back to the grind. I'm searching high and low and for a new drafting table - I've outgrown my old faithful table. Bought during college, it's been used, loved and moved multiple times with me during these 30 some odd years.

Instead of replacing it with something new, however, I'm looking from something even older. The quality of drafting tables today doesn't even seem to be nearly as good as my old one - so I'm looking for one even older! :)

I'm in love with the turn of the century craftsmanship. I love all the pointless, but graceful lines and curves and the color. Suprisingly, green was popular then (and not that ugly, industrial green you usually see). I've found two that were a wonderful spring green color from Dietzen. They were lovely things - with lots of grears and knobs and just the kind of thing for someone who needs a little steamy inspiration.

Well, I'm still looking - keep you updated, but take a look at the beautiful typesetter's cabinet that I DID buy! and a peek at some of fun things I found on the roadrip to pick it up!


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