Operation Etsy

Well, I've been working on Photographing some Halloween art for Etsy (yes, already! lol). I've also been having a wonderful time working on some dimensional (papier mache' and polymer clay) art which has been amazingly inspiring. After working on paper for so long, it's wonderful to see my drawings become 3d.

The process of going from paper to Papier Mache is much easier than it would seem as well. I had thought it might be a bit of a struggle, but it's really fun and my only hardship has been to keep my daughter from wanting to examine it all. The glass eyes are apparently very hard to resist. I looked down a few days ago, to see a pair of purple eyes staring up from the floor - no one knew how they got there!

At any rate, these and many others will start turning up on Etsy soon.


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