This is an old picture our little Fairie Bower - it's Andie's little getaway in the back yard and the inspiration for the "fairie bower" website as well. It's recycled garden fencing and some strategically planted gourds and other flowering vines, gives her a little santuary thru the summer. Not really very exotic, but somehow always enchanting.
Opal, our little neighbor lady said Andie should have one 5 years ago and it's been a summer tradition every year since. Ms. Opal would fondly remember her childhood bowers that her mother planted with Cypress vines for her. We lost Ms. Opal last week, just a few weeks shy of her 89th birthday, so this year's bower will be a very special one and we'll be thinking of her each time we visit it.
Andie's bower changes a little each year and its been relocated once or twice, but it's always retained a tiny bit of the magic that makes it such a fun, shady little spot to play during the hot summer days or a cozy little hide out to watch the fireflies or stars on warm summer's night.
This year I think that we'll surround it with our little victory garden so she can help with the watering and to be sure that the new clematis vine we've added to the bower will survive the hot Texas sun.


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